Angelo Greco

Angelo Greco – Principal dancer from San Francisco and Zarely Role Model

 Angelo Greco– Principal dancer from San Francisco

Team Zarely: When did you start ballet classes? 

Angelo Greco: I started when I was 13 years old just for fun. 

Team Zarely: Did you decide to become a ballet dancer by yourself or was it your parents' decision? 

Angelo Greco: I wanted to do gymnastics but we only had a ballet school in my city. So you might say it was my decision :)

Team Zarely: In your opinion what is the hardest part of being a ballet dancer?

Angelo Greco: The hardest part is to continue pushing yourself even when you are tired or in pain.

Angelo Greco – Principal dancer from San Francisco and Zarely Role Model

Team Zarely: And when aspiring young dancers ask for your advice what do you recommend them?

Angelo Greco: Be yourself, work hard, fight the problems and never give up!

Team Zarely: What do you dream about? Anything – related to ballet or not.

Angelo Greco: I dream of giving to the audience different emotions.

Team Zarely: What do you think is the main talent or ability for a ballet dancer?

Angelo Greco:Be yourself and have your own personality. If you have got a talent don't waste it and work hard!

Team Zarely:Have you got any hobbies, Angelo?

Angelo Greco: I play piano, sing in the shower, play soccer and watch movies. 

Team Zarely:Is there any sport activity you do in your free time such as yoga, pilates, jogging etc?

Angelo Greco: In my free time I try to rest as much as I can, but sometimes I do yoga.

Photos by Karolina Kuras