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There are millions of leotards. You might think: “What separates Zarely Leotards from the rest of them”? Maybe design? Surely. Quality? Certainly! But probably, you might again reflect, there has to be something more, that motivated us to create our take on the perfect leotard. Well, we are happy to confirm that thought! Comfort - that is what makes Zarely Leotards so unique.

The idea of creating a truly comfy leotard springs from an obvious inspiration - if you wear something during a long - quite exhausting - time, it has to be as comfortable as possible (otherwise you are probably prone to masochism). We decided to solve this problem by combining soft lining, slim fit and mesh details. Professional ballerinas have acknowledged that we achieved the goal. And now you finally have the option to test its comfort for yourself, and add to the joy of your rehearsals!

Unique Features

  • slim fit - to attain refinement
  • linear details - to enhance comfort
  • three colors - to make your life brighter
  • lining and closed inside stitches - to eliminate distraction
  • highly stretchable material - to free your movements
  • unbelievably soft fabric - to feel tenderness 

Inspired by Ana Sophia Scheller

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