Carolina Front-Draped Sweatshirt

Size Guide

It’s black. It’s soft. It’s warm. It’s everything you want.

If you know what “warm up” means, then you ought to know what “Carolina Sweatshirt” means. “Carolina” was initially designed to keep you warm during rehearsals and (most importantly) during the break. Seriously. Try it on. You won’t feel cold. You won’t feel hot. You will always keep the temperature the way you like.

On top of that, “Carolina Sweatshirt” has a bunch of little (but significant!) surprises that will make your training easy and comfortable.

  • invisible back pocket - to keep your kleenex close and your phone closer
  • mesh side details - to freshen your body with a blow of light breeze
  • mesh bottom panel - to transform your outfit just as Cinderella did
  • thumbhole cuffs - to take control of capricious sleeves
  • draped collar - to feel softness instead of tiredness
  • drawstring at waist - to equalize slim and loose


Elastic warp knit with thermoregulation engineered by MITI to cope with heat and cold

Material Composition

49% nylon + 35% polyester + 16% elastane

78% polyamide + 22% elastane

Product Care

40°C/100°F, no softeners, delicate wash