Z3 Recovery Compression Tights for Dancers and Athletes

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Zarely tights are developed in collaboration with a team of reputable physiotherapists, doctors and, of course, the world-class ballet dancers – Zarely Role Models. Together we created three types of ballet tights to best meet demands of each aspect in your dancing life – rehearsals, performances and recovery. The importance of the latter is hard to overstate. Efficient recovery after a full day of studio work or a stage performance, which often requires all your energy and strength, is the key to your long career as a dancer. Developed for the ultra-demanding and competitive world of professional ballet, Z3 Model Zarely Compression tights proved indispensable for female athletes in other fields such as cross-fit, triathlon, gymnastics and many others. But we didn’t sacrifice beauty for efficiency so not only your legs feel great in Zarely Z3 Recovery tights, but they look amazing, too.

  • - Graduated compression enhances blood flow to major muscle groups and works efficiently in both pre- and post-workout cycles.

    - Flexible hip allows for efficient stretching before and after workouts.

    - Faster pre-exercise muscle warm-up

    - Mild compression level (8-15 MMHG) means that Z3 tights remain comfortable for many hours of wearing.

    - Smart application of compression levels provides relief, minimizes soreness, fatigue and swelling in muscles and joints.

    - Ergonomic foot design gives your sore feet extra comfort.

    - Luxury quality fabric looks fantastic on your legs.