Alicia Black Mesh Leotard for kids

Size Guide

Why settle for an average looking leotard for your girl?

After loving Zarely’s Z tights, ballerinas always asked us for leotards. Well, after months of designs, prototype and testing in the studio we are proudly presenting our Alicia and Ana leotards. Your girl will look gorgeous in them.

Zarely’s Alicia Black Mesh leotard provides extreme comfort while it wraps around the dancer’s torso in its slim fit fashion.

Unlike other leotards, Zarely’s dance leotards grow with your kid thanks to its unique stretchable fabric. No need to buy new ones every 6 months because your little one grows so fast.

The distraction free inside stitchings,, the extra breathable mesh back and the finest soft fabrics will make your girl want to keep dancing like never before.