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How to run a successful dance program, or successful studio?

Dear Friend,

I am sure you know how to run your studio. I am sure it is successful, and you are sharing the love and joy of dance with your students, clients, customers, and anyone else you know.

Still, as I am a business-leader just like you, I would like to share these articles with you. Please take a few minutes to read them. I think they’ll give you some good advice.

Maybe these articles can be a refresher for you?

Think about the tips in this article. It seems like even Apple followed them:

#1 Get people to buy into you.. just like Steve Jobs

#2 As Apple would say: “try to upsell”

#3 Remember what goes around comes around…

Well check out the article for yourself…


When you are done with that article. How about this one?

I especially like the emphasis on networking. 90% of all business-leaders highlight that networking is the key to make big leaps forward.


The following article highlights the importance of making your business more efficient. We, (people in the dance-world), sometimes forget the importance of efficiency ( I am definitely part of that club!)

But think about it: the less time you spend for the same amount of stuff getting done during the day, the more you have time you can invest into growing your business further. Well maybe a quick read through this one will give you some good ideas.


This was just a short article and by now you have read some of the same things over. But I like the part about hiring the right people. I had to hire the wrong people to truly understand the difference it makes to hire the right people. That counts for any part of the business. A person who believes in your strategy, vision and studio culture will make you thrive further. Anybody going against your strategy, vision and studio culture will slow you down and the longer they stay around the more problems you will have.

And we need to always remind ourselves:

Problems= friction=loss of profits (whether fit be through killing motivation, disputes, or ultimately legal issues after years of frustration).


I am always happy to discuss. If you would love to communicate your thoughts-do not hesitate to reach out.

Also, if you would be interested in our wholesale program. Please reach out to me or get a first glimpse for yourself.

ZARÉLY is here for you. And so am I.

Best regards,