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Look like a dancer by highlighting your perfect line. Leggings that emphasize length and maximize comfort in every workout. 

Whether it’s yoga or running around town, these leggings will keep up with you every step of the way!

Yuriko Green Detail LeggingsYuriko Green Detail Leggings
Lia Burgundy LeggingsLia Burgundy Leggings
Lia Black LeggingsLia Black Leggings
Vanessa Leggings NavyVanessa Leggings Navy
Dores LeggingsDores Leggings






A top is a top. Well, we don’t think so. Even seemingly simple things can be done to perfection. Check it out for yourself. 

Yuriko Green Detail TopYuriko Green Detail Top
Iana TopIana Top
Lia Burgundy TopLia Burgundy Top
Lia Black TopLia Black Top
Vanessa TopVanessa Top
Sonia TopSonia Top


Frances Jacket BlackFrances Jacket Black
Iana Plum JacketIana Plum Jacket
Dores Silver JacketDores Silver Jacket
Amber Blue JacketAmber Blue Jacket
Melissa Neoprene JacketMelissa Neoprene Jacket



ballet tights

Why we went through the hassle of collaborating with over 200 dancers from the world’s leading ballet companies to create the best ballet tights on the planet? Because no one else did. No pro-ballerina, no kid-ballerina should dance in anything less than the perfect tights; with the right compression on the different parts of the leg and the most flattering look.

dance wear

The heart and soul of who we are.

Ana colored leotardAna colored leotard
Alicia Black Mesh LeotardAlicia Black Mesh Leotard
Dayesi Colored LeotardDayesi Colored Leotard
Basic Middle Chiffon SkirtBasic Middle Chiffon Skirt
Basic Short Chiffon SkirtBasic Short Chiffon Skirt
Elisa Mesh LeotardElisa Mesh Leotard
Basic Long Chiffon SkirtBasic Long Chiffon Skirt
Noelani Cross Back LeotardNoelani Cross Back Leotard

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make your talent shine

Do you want to take one step further on your path to becoming the best dancer?

Do you need to improve your moves for your next competition?

Get individual custom classes that suit your needs from the best dancers and coaches in the World. Go to mysensi.me and book your class with yoru favorite dancer.


worldwide ballet class

During the Pandemic we wanted to give back to the dance community by hosting daily live classes with he top dancers in the World. This is how Worldwide Ballet Class was born. Enjoy over 300 free classes on our Youtube channel.

Don't miss any upcoming classes by suscribing to our channel.