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What is the difference between Z1 and Z2 tights?

The principal difference between the Z1 rehearsal and Z2 performance tights lies in the compression levels. Z1's have a slightly higher level of compression, to provide additional support during repeated high intensity exercises during rehearsals. The Z2's in turn have a lower level of compression, to assure absolutely complete freedom of movement, while at the same time providing the benefits of compression technology. This is not to say that Z1's restrict movement - the compression levels were fine-tuned in collaboration with hundreds of pro and semi-pro ballet dancers during the design process. By the time the tights had reached their final prototype stage - all dancers approved the compression levels, as well as look, feel, durability etc.

Help with sizing for ballet tights

If you find yourself between sizes, you should keep these general guidelines in mind: Since our tights are incredibly stretchy, the height measurement is the less important one to match, whereas width is less forgiving due to the waistband.

Adults / Z1 & Z2 tights

Size Height (feet/inches) Height (cm) Weight (lbs) Weight (kg)
S/M 4'9" - 5'5" 144 - 165 90 - 130 40 - 59
L/XL 5'1" - 5'11" 155 - 180 115 - 160 52 - 73
TALL 5'9" - 6'2" 175 - 188 125 - 160 56 - 73

Adults / Z3 tights

Size Height (feet/inches) Height (cm) Weight (lbs) Weight (kg)
S 4'10" - 5'5" 147 - 165 95 - 125 43 - 57
M 4'10" - 5'9" 147 - 175 120- 150 54 - 68
L 4'11" - 6' 150 - 183 140 - 180 64 - 82
XL 5' - 6' 152 - 183 165 - 220 75 - 100
Queen 5'1" - 6' 155 - 183 195 - 265 88 - 120

Adults / Z4 Line Enhance tights

Size Height (feet/inches) Height (cm) Weight (lbs) Weight (kg)
S/M 4'9" - 5'5" 144 - 165 90 - 130 40 - 59
L/XL 5'1" - 5'11" 155 - 180 115 - 160 52 - 73

Teens / Z1 & Z2 tights

Size Height (feet/inches) Height (cm) Weight (lbs) Weight (kg)
S 57 - 60" 145 - 152 81 - 110 37 - 50
M 4'9" - 5'5" 144 - 165 90 - 130 40 - 59
L 5'1" - 5'11" 155 - 180 115 - 160 52 - 73

Teens / Z3 tights

Size Height (feet/inches) Height (cm) Weight (lbs) Weight (kg)
S 4'10" - 5'5" 147 - 165 95 - 125 43 - 57
M 4'10" - 5'9" 147 - 175 120- 150 54 - 68
L 4'11" - 6' 150 - 183 140 - 180 64 - 82

Kids / Z1 & Z2 tights

Size Height (feet/inches) Height (cm) Weight (lbs) Weight (kg)
Petite 34 - 40" 86 - 102 17 - 37 8 - 17
S 37 - 48" 94 - 122 38 - 55 17 - 25
M 46 - 56" 117 - 142 56 - 80 25 - 36
L 57 - 60" 145 - 152 81 - 110 37 - 50

Kids / Tights for girls

Size Full length (inches) Leg length (inches) Waist (inches) Hip (inches)
XSC/SC 22.8" 15.7" 1.1" 7"
MC/LC 25.1" 17.3" 1.1" 7"

Packaging for tights

Zarely tights are packed in envelopes made in North Carolina, USA, by an affiliate of the Printing Industries of America.

The cardboard used is FSG certified, meaning that it is sourced from responsible forestry.

Tights manufacturing

Our tights are manufactured and packaged in North Carolina. The specific compression level for Z3 tights is certifiably medical-grade, at 8-15mmHg.

Colour difference Stage Pink/Pink

Z2 tights are available in an alternate shade of pink, which we have dubbed stage pink (also frequently known as theatrical pink). The colour was developed to better suit the needs of a handful of ballet schools, but has since become a popular choice for private customers as well.

Stage pink is essentially a brighter shade of the standard pink. The difference in colour can be observed by using the colour swatches on the Z2’s product page.

If you are required to adhere to a dress code that does not specify a tights brand (or colour, if Zarely tights are mandatory), it is advisable to find out which shade is more appropriate before committing to placing an order.


Changing or cancelling orders

You may cancel or request changes to your order within 24 work hours of submitting it, by sending an email to info@zarely.co. To convey that urgency is needed, the email’s topic should be “order cancellation”, “order alteration”, or similar. After the 24-hour mark, it is unlikely that we will be able to hold your order back.

Coupons during sales

If an item has had its base price lowered because of a sale, it is not possible to apply a coupon code on top of the reduced sale price

Order status

To check your order status, log on to our site, with the credentials used when placing your order. This will bring you to your personal customer page, from which you can observe your order history, and tracking number, if applicable. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, contact us at info@zarely.co.

Do you have gift cards?

We most certainly have gift cards, available for purchase online here. Gift cards can be applied to online sales, in a similar fashion to discount codes. This is done at checkout. If a gift card pays the total price partially or entirely, the value paid via the gift card will still count towards eligibility for free shipping.

Help with returns

Please find our full return policy here.
Items for which we do not accept returns include:
- Items received more than 30 days ago
- Items purchased at lowered price (not including coupon codes)
- Items that are not in pristine condition, i.e. worn, dirtied, washed or similar
- Items that lack intact original packaging

Returned items are inspected upon reception, and declared fit or unfit to go back in stock, in case of the latter, the possibility of a refund may be forfeit.
In the event that an item was delivered to the customer damaged, or otherwise deviates significantly from expectations, the above conditions may be overlooked in favour of rectifying the issue satisfactorily. In case you would like to make a return or an exchange, it is important that you contact us at info@zarely.co, marking clearly the topic as being in regards to returns/exchanges. We will need to know what you are returning, and why.


Shipping during sales

Order processing may be subject to delays during major sales periods. If you have placed a time sensitive order during such a sale, and you do not receive a shipping confirmation within a few working days, you may contact us and request to have your order prioritized, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Overnight shipping

We do not generally offer overnight shipping. If your time schedule slips and you find yourself in need of overnight shipping, you may contact us at info@zarely.co and we will do our best to come to an arrangement. Please bear in mind that overnight shipping is usually costly – our representatives will give you a price calculation before proceeding with shipping. Overnight shipping is impossible outside of the US.

International shipping

If you are placing your order from a non-US country, chances are that you will be required to adhere to your country’s rules for applied duties and taxes on imported goods. These fees are the responsibility of the customer, so we advise you to research your country’s rules for import tax/duties before placing an order. By doing so, you can prepare your order from an informed standpoint, and avoid any unforeseen expenses.

Which shipping service do you use?

We ship the majority of our orders with USPS express. Our flat shipping fee for domestic US orders is $7.95. For international orders, the shipping fee is regulated according to the country of destination. High value orders are eligible for free shipping (the required total value depends on country of destination). We distribute tracking numbers via email once they available to us.

How to apply discount codes

If you are in possession of a coupon code, you may apply it at checkout in the discount code field.

Please note that free shipping eligibility is calculated after discounts are applied.
Disclaimer: Coupons are generally disabled during store-wide sales.

Accepted payment methods

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and gift cards. We also accept pre-paid credit cards so long as the card has a billing address attached to it.
We cannot split payments between credit cards. Please note orders are subject to review.

When can I expect delivery after placing my order?

Tights ordered to an address within the US ship on the next business day. International orders for tights ship within five business days. Orders within the US take 2-4 days to reach their destination after shipping, while international orders vary depending on the receiving country (generally 1-2 weeks).

Certain items such as leotards and a number of our active wear items are subject to back order (if this is the case, it is specified on the product page of the item in question). This means that there is a production lead-time from order to shipping of about 4-7 weeks. Orders placed in the US, that include both available and backordered items, will have the available items sent in advance of the rest.

We are working on bringing down production times, as well as having a healthy stock of popular items to eliminate lead-times altogether.


Design Process

The jump-off point for Zarely’s conception was ballet tights.
The idea was, in broad strokes, to utilize existing connections within the ballet world, by essentially tying them in with manufacturers and designers, thus creating a free flowing design process, where the end-user – the dancers – had a real impact on the finalized product. Z-tights were developed over the course of a little over a year, involving more than a 100 professional and semi-professional dancers. Zarely continues this philosophy, by actively involving dancers in the design process of new items, drawing on their knowledge and experience to give qualified suggestions to the design team. This process is time consuming and involves a lot of trial and error, but the end result speaks for itself.

Material Selection

At Zarely we remain conscientious in our selection of materials. It is important to us that our fabrics are sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured. Whenever possible, we opt for green, partially-, or fully recycled materials.
Additionally, we have extremely high expectations for our fabrics’ performance. As a professed premium quality brand, we spare no expense when raising the ceiling for what dancewear can be.
With these conditions firmly in mind, we handpick our materials mainly from Italian and French suppliers.

Manufacturing Setup

Our talented production team, located in Europe, makes the majority of our active wear items by hand, using a series of professional-grade sewing machines and a range of other devices. A few of our items which require specialized machinery to produce, most notably seamless leggings, are manufactured on site in Portugal.