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At Zarely we are a team of designers, engineers, visual artists, physiotherapists, biologists, dancers and athletes that want to support your constant search for perfection!


As a former ballet dancer and enthusiastic athlete, I know what it is like to be driven by an ultimate goal. To push yourself and have the self-discipline to challenge your limits every day.

Mateo Klemmayer

When I was 15 years old I saw my first ballet performance and was amazed by the stamina, movement, and strength the dancers displayed. The way the dancers jumped so high, flying across the stage; and how they seemed to drift into other worlds made me want to become a professional ballet dancer. 

As you can imagine, most ballet teachers told me it was impossible… Starting classes so late in the game, when the rest of my peers had started at least 5 years earlier, was a goal too hefty to aspire to. Not only would I have to reconstruct my body but also train my mind all while catching up to my peers.

I understood the extent of my setbacks, yet my curiosity and determination beat all other adversities. I knew I would have to be creative, challenge the traditional learning route and find other disciplines that would help me gain a performing edge. I found myself incorporating disciplines like engineering, biology, and even plyometric trainings into my daily workouts. I cultivated my champion’s mentality with psychology and neuroscience. I scrutinized the techniques of famous jumpers like Michael Jordan and even studied the anatomy of fleas, the species with the highest jump in the planet, to excel in my jumps. And I must say that after years of hard work and sweat it all paid off. By 26 I was a Soloist at the San Francisco Ballet and I had danced with some of the best ballet companies in the world as well as at many international Galas on the most renowned stages in Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA.


Since an early age Mateo loved art. He admired various artists but was particularly inspired by Victor Vasarely. Vasarely, considered as the father of op-art, created optical images that transformed the flat surface into a world of unending possibilities. Within the dynamic and abstract world of Vasarely’s artwork, Mateo found the perfect name for his company: Zarely.

Like Vasarely’s optical images, Zarely incorporates a series of effects that create the illusion of a more beautiful body. When Mateo shared his initial idea with his closest Friends, dancers Diego Cruz and Ruben Martin as well as his “business-friend” Christian Jimenez the team of friends worked through out the whole night on the business plan and decided to make a company of it.


Today we, Zarely, are the first company that took fashion designers to co-create with ballet dancers for both genres to learn each other's aesthetics. Furthermore it was important to us to only use European high-tech materials and in the end we made sure that our manufacturers in the US and in Europe are highly ethical companies.

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