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Your child has signed up to ballet class, isn't that wonderful? It sure is an amazing feeling knowing that your child is about to embark into the world of dancing. But, alongside the feelings of excitement comes the looming anxiety of being thrust into a world that you're not completely comfortable with. Ballet clothes for kids and teenagers. After all, you want to give your child the best quality clothing to ensure they're fully prepared for a dance class but you also want to know you're getting the best value on the market.

This is where we come in.

After working hard to perfect our adult range of tights and leotards, through popular demand it was time to extend our expertise to the stars of tomorrow. The kids who will be taking centre stage in 5 or 10 years time. The teenagers who are just about ready to dip their toes into serious ballet. They needed the support that the professionals trust and they needed it today.

After the exciting release of our kids and teens collection, we wanted to share with you an insight into the world of ballet clothing and why exactly you should be choosing high-quality tights and leotards for your children's dance classes.

If you think ballet clothing isn't important, then think again. Whilst getting ready for a dance class, your child's clothing and appearance are two of the most important things. Did you know that in official examinations the examiner will grade your child on presentation? Those with beautifully intact tights, neat and tidy hair and complimenting leotards will max out the scoreboard. That boost is the best feeling. It's down to you, the parents, to get it right, and with Zarely, you will.


ballet dance tights for children

There are many different variations of ballet tights available but your little girl deserves the best, which is why Zarely tights are the best bet for setting your child up for dance class. Good quality tights for 5-year-olds and above are hard to come by. Tights that won't rip and snag after one quick change, tights that won't start to go bitty after two or three washes. Tights that are not only durable but supportive and comfortable. After all, comfort is one of the most important aspects of ballet.

After persevering through the dreaded high street ballet tights, we knew it was time for a change for the stars of tomorrow. Washing your 5-year-olds ballet tights only to find that the knees were saggy and that beautiful tone of pink had turned to a dirty pink after only a couple of washes was not only irritating and unhelpful, but it was also not economical. Constantly replacing shabby ballet tights were burning holes in pockets, and fast.

That's why we perfected and made our Z1 Rehearsal Tights for Kids available. Trusted by many of the world's best ballerinas, the Z1 ballet tights are beautiful, high-quality tights handcrafted with the finest Italian material to ensure that your child and you can rely on them to keep intact, wash after wash, wear after wear.

Starting at a size Petite ranging up to Large kids, the Z1 rehearsal tights will keep up with demanding rehearsals whilst achieving an amazing leg sculpting impression. Not only do they feel good, but they also improve your child's performance. We're all proud of our little ones no matter how they do, but with the Z1 tights, the light will be reflected and their leg lines will be accentuated increasing their performance. After all, doesn't everybody want their child centre stage, shining like a star? Z1 rehearsal tights, available in pleasing pink or brilliant black, the instant confidence booster for kids.

Once the rehearsals have finished and its show time, many parents will invest in a good pair of performance tights. Available with or without a seam, the Z2 Performance Tights are a big hit among the professional dancers for shows and performances. After gruelling rehearsals, the performance is the end result, the time to let them enjoy it, this is what they have been working so hard for. The Z2 tights will accentuate your child's leg line whilst giving an extra element of freedom with compromising on durability or placing additional stress on those all-important growing joints and muscles. After scrolling through Instagram seeing all the beautiful photos of some of the world's most acclaimed principal dancers, your child can feel that level of professionalism and importance too. Available in two jaw-dropping colours, pink and stage pink, the Z2 Performance Tights give your child the chance to be the star, whilst feeling comfortable and confident, meaning she can focus on what's important, the performing.


The humble leotard. The piece of dancing wear that should be comfortable, stylish, versatile and individual. Ballet leotards for kids are a staple item in a dancer's wardrobe and, from experience, the more the merrier! The availability of ballet leotards for kids is a clear indicator of its sheer popularity in dancing, gymnastics and even stretching as far as athletics.

Investing in the right leotard for your child is just as important as finding the right dance studio and teacher. It's essential to find the right style, size and fabric that will not only make your child or teen comfortable but also enhance their performance as opposed to limit it.

ballet leotards for kids and teens

The Ana Colored Leotard is one that brings the wow factor. There are hundreds and thousands of leotards on the market for children, especially ballet leotards for 10-12-year-olds are all over the market, so you might wonder what sets the Zarely leotard apart from the rest of them. Design, quality and aesthetics are a huge push into why the Zarely leotards are so unique, but the major factor that professional dancers trust the Zarely leotards are for the comfort aspect.

Simply put, a leotard is one of the most important investments in dance. The right ballet leotard will boost your child's confidence, performance and technique. Choose the right leotard for them. It's worth it.

Growing with your child, the Ana Colored Leotard is a truly comfy leotard that combines soft lining, slim fitting and beautiful mesh details. You'll love that wash after wash the Zarely leotards won't let you down and your kids will love that the Zarely leotards come in beautiful colours that separate them from the crowd.

Before embarking on a dance class, kids dream about their leotards and extravagant costumes. The blush pinks, the glitter, it's their chance to feel like a real princess. The pearl peach draws inspiration from the dreamy pastel colours you'll have seen on stage, or why not stand out and invest in a bold turquoise as elegant as the sea waves to really make sure all eyes are on your child?

Beautiful colour options, stitching on the inside to avoid distraction and break away from the colours all tied in with the same Zarely quality means the Ana leotard is a perfect choice for kids and teens.

A popular ballet leotard especially for the mature children between the ages of 10 and 12, the Alicia Black Mesh is an individual looking leotard that is a favourite among the professionals for standing out and looking different. It's a gorgeous leotard that allows your child or teen to break the mould and show their flair of personality. After all, why settle for average when you were born to stand out?

No dancer wants to fade into the background and with The Alicia Black Mesh leotard that certainly won't be happening. The Alicia Black Mesh leotard provides extreme comfort whilst wrapping snuggly around the torso to accentuate beautiful shapes. Highly acclaimed is the extra breathable mesh back paired with the soft Italian fabric means your child will feel like they can dance on and on without prohibitions from the leotard.

Even better still, through innovative design, there is no need to keep investing in new leotards every six months whilst their growing because our Zarely leotards grow with your child. How you might wonder? Thanks to the unique stretchy yet durable fabric, this adapts to the needs of growing children, ensuring that it fits like a comforting glove through all stages of their growth.

There should be zero compromises when it comes to quality in a leotard. Investing in a few excellent quality leotards like the Ana Colored Leotard in their favourite colours, or the Alicia Black Mesh will ensure that your child is well equipped for their dance lessons and performances. Trusting in Zarely is the right decision in taking that next step into the world of dancing.

Now, both you and your little one really are equipped for their first dance lesson!

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