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Name of the young Brazilian dancer Bianca Teixeira becomes more and more popular in Europe. Prix de Lausanne finalist in 2013 and 2014, now Bianca is doing great as a dancer with Bavarian State Ballet in Munich. And catching the eye with her clean technique, diligence and glowing smile.

Zarely new Rising Star started doing ballet at the age of 10 in Estúdio de Dança Adriana Soares in São Paulo. Bianca admits, it was her own decision, and now she’s still in love with ballet: “The hardest but still most amazing thing about being a dancer is pushing your own limits”. Bianca’s Instagram profile is all about that. The young ballerina is not afraid to show her working process with all attempts, mistakes and of accomplishments. “You have to work on yourself all the time, you should never stop, if you really want to improve and then enjoy every moment on stage”, – says Bianca.

Searching for inspiration, Teixeira wondered, what motivated and inspired her favorite ballerina Iana Salenko to become a principal dancer?

Iana answered: “Being a principal dancer means hard everyday work through pain to perfect yourself. It’s a constant challenge, but dance is my life. I always admired Sylvie Guillem and, of course, Maia Plisetskaya and Natalia Makarova. Watching these great people dancing is my best inspiration”.

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