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Taking the world by storm is the new yoga-based fitness class that combines yoga, Pilates and ballet. The Asian-inspired fusion of yoga, Pilates and ballet is set to be the next big gym trend that you just might like to get on board with. This barre-based fitness class is set to be the ultimate workout bringing therapeutic yet tough. But, are you ready to do it right and reap the benefits? 

The combination of yoga, Pilates and ballet could be the answer to your workout goals. A tough yet restorative fitness class that gears towards sculpting a graceful, long and lean physique, all whilst being able to take in the great workout playlist in a swanky, familiar environment. Say goodbye to hefty gyms and hello to the barre! (As if we don’t already see it enough!)

Carefully designed by American fitness trainer Sadie Lincoln, the workout has become available in a variety of settings across the States. Pulling together the three disciplines: yoga, Pilates and ballet. From ballet, she uses the efficiency of the ballet barre, the strength and sleekness from Pilates and the wisdom and body alignment of yoga. But, if you’re not able to get to a class, here’s how you can combine yoga, Pilates and ballet right!  

Pilates, yoga and ballet barre work all have a place in our fitness regime and should be added accordingly. All three will provide an effective workout that provides positive physical and mental results. Helping to sculpt and tone your muscles, whilst improving your overall general health, it’s a workout fusion that you should be incorporating into your fitness circle.

yoga and ballet workout

Zarely ambassador Georgina Pazcoguin wearing Maia Blue Seamless Leggings

The similarities and differences between yoga, Pilates and ballet vary, if you’re looking to boost your alignment, focus on yoga, if you’re wanting to improve your sleekness and sexiness, head for Pilates and if you’re looking to improve your technique, of course, ballet barre workouts are ideal. But, a fusion of the three could be dubbed a dancer’s dream fitness regime.

The fusion of the three workouts should be focusing on working small. Just like when you’re working out at the barre, movements should be small, concise and with a clear meaning. Focus on the small and make gradual changes. Feel the smallest muscles being targeted and let your mind become aware of your entire body. Focus on increasing the flexibility and endurance and acquire the benefits of your muscles toning and sculpting without bulking up.

Working on straightening the back and stretching the arms without a wobble on the toes will come almost naturally to the dancers among us, but if you’re not quite there yet, the fusion of yoga, Pilates and ballet can help you achieve those perfectly aligned legs and graceful body lines that we aspire to.

The combination of yoga, pilates and the ballet barre workout should last no longer than an hour. This gives you plenty of time to focus on picking out the key elements from the three disciplines whilst combining the similarities to pull together a cohesive, beneficial workout.

You will need a ballet barre, a yoga mat and some proper workout clothes. Try our acclaimed Zarely Blue Seamless Leggins to make your workouts even more comfortable and thus more effective.


Start your workout with stretches that warm up the body, from head to toe. It’s vital to warm up the entire body to reduce the risk of injury. You will be working on all major muscles and targeting muscles you may not have used for a long time, if ever! Start from the top down to ensure you don’t miss any! Ensure you do a little cardio to raise the heart rate and flex and release muscles.

ballet pilates and yoga fusion

Whilst doing a fusion workout, you want to feel and see the shakes. There is no point moving forward with a workout if it just isn’t challenging. Ensure you are pushing yourself to reach the shakes, feel the burn. Be sure to not cause any injury, the workout should burn, but not be painful. If you do find yourself in pain or agony, stop immediately and seek support. The shakes are the result of the tiny, isometric movements that physically exhaust the muscle and force them to sculpt and shape. The shakes are completely normal and are the ultimate aspiration in the workout.

One of the best features of a fusion workout is you are free to incorporate what you want to incorporate. The similarities between the three disciplines means you are able to pull the breathing and mindfulness of yoga and pilates, whilst combining the ballet barre moves to create a workout plan that is perfect for you.

Ideas for a yoga, pilates and ballet fusion workout:

  1. The Parallel Thigh – For strengthening the quads

    Stand at the bar and hold it tightly. Open your feet so that they are a hip-width apart. Life your heels as high as is physically possible for you and the bend your knees about a third of the way down. Upright your spine and look forward. Raise and lower yourself by an inch and vary the tempo. Repeat for 2 minutes.
  2. The Fold Over – For strengthening your glutes

    Stand an arm’s length away from the barre and hold it lightly. Place your feet hip-width apart and loosen your knees. Lean forward until your back in horizontal, like a table. Separate your hands wider than your shoulders and angle your elbows downward and diagonally. Pick up your foot and rest it on the floor behind you whilst you exhale deeply. Raise your leg behind you to seat height. Lift and lower your leg by an inch, varying the tempo and adding static holds. Repeat for 3 minutes.
  3. The Heel Lifts – For strengthening the calves

    The Heel Lifts – For strengthening the calves Stand half an arm’s length away from the barre and hold it lightly. Open your feet a hip-width apart. Straighten your legs, tuck your pelvis in and under and bend slightly forward at your waistline. Pull your shoulders back and down. Lift and lower your heels by an inch, up and down. Repeat for 20 reps.

Finishing the workout with the pilates infused workouts will ensure that you are stretching and still working out, but also cooling your body down to finish at workout safely. It can be tempting to skip a cool down out, but, when you know it’s actually part of the fusion workout, it becomes an essential to continue!

These are some ideas of pilates inspired cooldowns that can help you cool down your fusion workout:

  1. Pilates Roll Ups – Ideal for stretching the hamstring and the back

    The pilates roll up is a mat exercise that equates to six regular sit ups and is far more effective at creating a flat stomach than crunches. Lay down flat on the map with your arms stretched out flat on the floor above your head. Pull from your core in a fluid movement to roll past sit up and aim for your toes. Keep your arms straight and in line with your head.
  2. Spine Stretch – Sit up straight on the mat with your toes flexed

    Keep your arms forward, parallel and stretched. Lean as far forward as you can, hold for 3 seconds then raise back up. Repeat for 20 reps.
  3. Reclined Hip Stretch – Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor

    Bend your right knee until the thigh is perpendicular to the floor. Bring your left knee up, rotating your left leg and thread your hand through the opening. Grasp your hands behind the right thigh. Press your left thigh open with your left elbow and simultaneously pull the right thigh towards your chest. Feel the stretch along the outside of your hip. Inhale and exhale deeply. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.

You will feel the benefits not only in your body, but in your mind too. The fusion workout will build toned muscles, increase your metabolism and help you gain muscle weight. You’ll work towards a healthier digestion, improved posture and a sleek physique. If that wasn’’t enough, you’ll feel energized and more awake, the mind benefits will help you reduce stress and increase your confidence. You’re sure to feel empowered and healthier after a yoga, pilates and ballet barre fitness workout.

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Elizabeth Trenholm
Elizabeth Trenholm

September 19, 2019

Love this ! I sustained serious injuries from being struck by a car 2 years ago . I am still working to regain muscle strength and I think this will help me tremendously 😊

Lisa Farr
Lisa Farr

September 19, 2019

Fantastic! Love it! Pressing forward!
Thank You for sharing!

Caroline Loo-Lew
Caroline Loo-Lew

September 19, 2019

Can I have more infi. This sounds perfect. Should I invest in a barre?

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