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Meet the Zarely Ambassador Rebecca Haw who is the dancer with the SemperOper Dresden

We’re grateful Becca found the time to answer some questions and share the experience of professional ballet dancer’s life.

1. Why do you think children should think about taking ballet classes? Even if they don’t plan to start professional ballet career?

I think ballet classes should be a staple for children, even at a very young age it can teach you co-ordination musicality and discipline, not to mention the fitness side of it. All of which you are never too young to pick up, can you tell I started when I was 2! If nothing else it can inspire the imaginative side of child’s brain letting them into a world different from their own. The skills you learn in ballet you can carry anywhere with you.

2. What is important when choosing a leotard for rehearsal or daily class?

This is a struggle we are faced with daily! The two most important things for me are comfort and flattery. I like to have my collar bones out, as I  think of them like a natural necklace so nothing too high in the front, I also normally go for a fairly low back and definitely high cut on the hips for a longer leg line. It needs to be comfortable because we are moving around in them a lot and sweating so it’s the worst thing to feel uneasy in your leotard.

Rebecca Haw, ballet dancer


3. Why have you decided to collaborate with Zarely?

My desire to collaborate with Zarely was that in an industry where technology and forward thinking is so far behind, to have such an innovative brand using today’s sports science research to aid us in so many ways, not just in the way we look and feel but also how we perform and recover is really something. The research that Zarely does for their products, especially their tights, is something we should all be very grateful for. As for the fitwear attire, to be able to go from the studio to the street and not look like you’re in your pyjamas is wonderful!

4. What do you think is the most important when choosing the tights?

Tights are really something that I feel a lot of people aren’t putting enough emphasis on. When rehearsing in Zarely tights you have a complete feeling of compression in all the right areas but without being restricted. Rather than your legs just feeling like meat in a sausage skin! Plus, we spend our lives analysing our legs and lines, if there’s an opportunity to make them look even better just by the tights we choose to wear, we should jump at that.

5. What advice would you give to yourself 5-10 year old?

For this question I kept half typing quotes I live by and then deleting them because if I’m honest there isn’t anything in particular that I would want to change by having that advice. ‘Be patient and resilient’, I was. ‘Work hard and you’ll reap the rewards’, I did and am. ‘Don’t worry be happy’, definitely no problems in that area. Even at that age I enjoyed and appreciated everything I had and I looked forward to or worked hard for the rest!

Rebecca Haw - ballet dancer, photo

6. Ballet is all about the beauty. Do you think your feeling of beauty was 'raised' by ballet?

Definitely yes! I had a petticoat when I was very young (basically a white floppy tutu) and I literally lived in it, I used to think I’d never seen anything so beautiful! But most things surrounding me of beauty were to do with ballet. Everything from the satin on my first pair of pointe shoes to the posters of Darcy Bussell and Deborah Bull hanging in my bedroom.

7. What is the one piece of advice you would give to other dancers, student or professional?

Be the epitome of resilience. I live by this! From a day to day basis to long term goals. Ballet is beautiful but it is also full of obstacles and set backs so it can be easy to get bogged down with everything. We as dancers have to be able to bounce back from anything and channelling that steel mindset I think really helps. Nobody ever said ballet was easy, how boring would it be if it was!

To get more from Becca, follow her social media accounts:

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Facebook @theworldbybecca

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