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It’s heating up and summer is just around the corner. It’s so close we can almost see it. 

Which means if you plan on dancing regularly (of course you are, who are we kidding?!), or hitting the gym then it’s definitely time to take a look at your summer dancewear and what you plan on wearing during these hotter months.

If you’re not a dancer, then don’t step away yet. Ballet wear is the ultimate trendsetting activewear, so the dance apparel might be just what you’re looking for. Plus, what are you planning to wear to the gym? What about a morning run along the beach admiring the sunrise? What about joining that club you’ve been putting off? It’s time to invest in some of the hottest trends.

It’s amazing to think how far activewear and dance apparel has come. Remember when hitting the gym meant finding an old top and a pair of tracksuit bottoms? Well, there’s no more of that! Seriously, it’s no surprise that activewear has snuck its way into casual wardrobes. There are so many futuristic and innovative ways to wear athleisure, you really won’t want to wear anything else!

Athleisure is perfect for summer, tried and tested to keep you cool and give your body the breathing room that it needs. Dressing like a dancer has never been so popular.

So, if you’re wanting to keep cool and chic, and update your wardrobe, then look no further, because here is your summer look 2018 brought to you by Zarely!

Trend 1: Contouring Geometric Design – Enhanced Lines Through Solid Design-Craft

activewear tops

Shannon Rugani - singer, composer, actress and dancer from New York City
photo: Zachariah Epperson

The art of the geometric. If you’re looking for enhanced striking lines to emphasize your assets and enhance your best features, then we’ve got you covered with some of the most fashionable contouring dancewear looks around.

Try out these beautiful contouring dance outfits to attain that instant feel-good feeling when your assets are accentuated. You look great. You feel great.

The Sonia Top designed by leading fashion designers combines high-fashion and comfort. Sounds perfect, right? This activewear top features a stunning trendy strap that enhances your best assets. The asymmetric cut-out detail provides a futuristic look, you really will look out of the world!

This sleek top is slimming yet comfortable, because why should you comprise. Crafted with top-quality Italian cotton-soft fabrics, it feels just as amazing as it looks. The Sonia Top is so ahead of its time with a futuristic design, the crossover gives the ultimate showcased look, whilst allowing you to move freely and boosting your performance. With breathable fabric drying faster than cotton, you’ll be dancing the night away without feeling self-conscious.

This catwalk-worthy top needs the perfect leggings to go with it. Well, let’s complete your contouring geometric look. You’re going to be spoilt for choice with these three lavish leggings!

The Maia Black Seamless Leggings will have you killing the athleisure look, plus with the side panels, your leg line will be enhanced and gorgeous. Style and comfort merged together to create the perfect legging. The Maia Black Seamless leggings look stunning on dancers and they’re going to look just as good on you this summer 2018.  

Splash a bit of burgundy and pair your Sonia Top with the Karina Panel Leggings. These soft and comfortable leggings will have you admiring your contoured legs, try them on for yourself and see what a flattering and feminine look the mesh detail promotes! The Karina Leggings have been created with fashion and functionality in mind, so you can dance the night away whilst looking right on trend!

Change up the look and mix your Sonia Top with a pair of the beautiful Grey Vanessa Leggings. These leggings have a super trendy mesh detail that accentuates your assets whilst giving you a chic athleisure look that you won’t want to take off. They’re fast drying and breathable, so don’t worry about getting heated up this season, you’ll be kept cool and look the peak of fashion.

The Leggings have been designed with you in mind. Created with the top-quality materials to enhance your performance and the correct muscular compression. Designed by superb European designers, they have been created to give you both comfort and style. No compromises over here!

Don’t sweat it, because all of these leggings are rigorously tested in gym environments to ascertain the endurance and moisture regulation. Keep refreshed and refined this fast approaching summer.

Rock the dance apparel, you were born to shine, just like a dancer!

Trend 2: The Asymmetric Look – Eye-catchingly Unique

dance and ballet clothes

Ana Sophia Scheller​ - principal dancer from San Francisco
photo: Zachariah Epperson

Dance apparel brings some of the most unique looks, you’ll be looking eye-catchingly unique in these beautiful designs, who wants to fade into the back with all the same boring looks? Definitely not you! Dare to be different. 

Have you seen such a unique and striking top like the Karina Asymmetric Top before? This is the top of the future. The contrast of the burgundy and the black creates a gorgeous feature whilst highlighting your figure. The right neckline can make the perfect statement and the classic crew neckline on the Karina Asymmetric Top will accentuate your face and shoulders.

Go for a complete look and truly be a showstopper with the Shannon Asymmetric Top and Shannon Monochrome Asymmetric Leggings. This two-color eye-catcher will give you a one of a kind look at dance rehearsals during the summer months. Super soft, super stretchy and super sleek. Take a trendy twist this summer.  

Designed by top European fashion designers, you’ll love these Shannon Monochrome Asymmetric Leggings just as much as we do. The Shannon Monochrome Asymmetric Leggings have been created with high-quality eco-friendly polyamide yarn combined with a high percentage of Lycra® Xtra Life ™. Yes, that means enhanced stretch and long-term shape retention!

The Asymmetric Look will have all eyes on you, which is what every dancer wants, right?! Work it with that flair of originality and feel the confidence oozing out of you. Show off your accentuated face and shoulders. Summer was made for good vibes. So, set the trend and stand out. Dare to be unique. Dare to be you.

Trend 3: Bold Colour Combinations - Dare to Stand Out

dancewear, apparel

Anna Nirvanych - ballet dancer & model
photo: Sergiy Nirvanych

“I want to fade into the background and not be seen.” – said no dancer, ever! So, this season, turn it up a notch. Bold colors aren’t just what you wear – they are a fashion statement.

When showcasing bold and bright, you’re announcing you’re here. You’re establishing your presence. You’re conveying that you deserve to be at the front of the stage. Show off your bubbly and dramatic personality.

Be bold this season.

Adding a splash of bold to your dancewear has never been simpler thanks to the choice of leotards brought to you by Zarely. Switch up your boring, dull leotard and swap in the Ana Leotard.

The Ana Colored Leotards come in black, brown or turquoise. Make a fashion statement and choose a high-quality, long-lasting, jaw-dropping Turquoise Ana leotard.

With the gorgeous back detail and the flattering shape thanks to the mesh side details, you’ll be arriving at rehearsals in style.

The Zarely leotards have been created with durability and comfort in mind. Professional ballerinas have acknowledged how long-lasting and comfortable they are. With an unbelievably soft fabric, you really do have to try it for yourself to believe it!

There are so many activewear tops to choose from, but if you’re searching for one that is high fashion, soft, stretchy and mouth-droppingly beautiful, then your search is over.  Let me introduce you to the Yuriko Green Detail Top. The back boasts an eye-catching crisscross whilst the front shows off bold color combinations of white, turquoise and black.

To complete the look, pair your Yuriko Green Detail Top with the Yuriko Green Detail Leggings. These Zarely leggings are perfect for getting active. An elegant twist highlights and sculpts your calf muscle to create the ultimate leg line. 

The Yuriko Green Detail Top and leggings boast an intelligent design made with high-end Econyl® techno-fabric and a high percentage of Lycra® Xtra Life ™. This flattering dance apparel is truly fashion forward. Manufactured with top quality materials means your new favorite dance outfit isn’t going to lose its shape over time.

Make your life brighter this summer. We dare you to stand out, make a statement and make your life a little brighter.

Trend 4: Mix of Styles - Classic and Modern Combine

dancewear from Zarely and summer trends 2018

Iana Salenko​ - principal dancer at Berlin State Ballet
photo: Dean Barucija

When you mix classic and modern styles together you are throwing away the labels, destroying the rulebook and creating an individualized look. Classic and modern shouldn’t be opposites. Paired correctly, you can look classic and contemporary with a flair of modernity. They do say take the best of both worlds, don’t they?

Well, here at Zarely, we’ve made it super easy for you to achieve this impressive trend. Let’s start from the top, literally! The Ida Cross Back Bra is an elegant and sophisticated contemporary style bra that can be worn on its own. With a design this beautiful, why would you want to hide it?

The Ida Cross Back Bra provides the ultimate support so when you’re getting active this summer, you haven’t got to worry about any mishaps! Super soft fabrics means your skin will love you for it, too. Mesh means breathability, even during the sweatiest of times! Keep cool and chic during the summer season.

Now, for the sprinkle of modernity. These unique leggings will have you never wanting to take them off. A beautiful crisscross down the leg to create a sculptured leg line, mesh to keep you cool and a futuristic matte appearance. Yes, we’re talking about the Ida Asymmetric Side Cross Leggings! These comfy and classy leggings bring a whole new meaning to dance apparel. 

Rocking the classic and modern combination is made so easy. You’ll be ahead of all the trends. Classic and modern, when styled correctly, shouldn’t be opposites. With Zarely, you can achieve this look effortlessly. Be the trendsetter.

Trend 5: Athleisure Wear – Wear for Everywhere!

dance, wear, ballet, apparel

Sonia Rodriguez - principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada photo: Geoffrey Mitre

Athleisure wear isn’t just for the gym anymore. With the revolutionary styles brought to you from Zarely, you’ll be looking bang on trend whilst feeling at the height of comfort. Thanks to the Lia Top and Leggings, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style. Yes, we finally can have our cake AND eat it.

Is it suitable for a party? Yes. For the gym? Yes. At home? YES! This super stylish dancewear revolutionizes the definition of athleisure, it truly is an outfit for every occasion.

The signature Lia Top comes in burgundy, navy and white or black and white. Both equally as gorgeous. Both equally as fashionable. 

With a sleek and sophisticated style and a color block, you’ll look finished off with minimal effort. No more excuses for meeting your friends at the bar after the gym, you’re already dressed for both occasions!

The Lia Top features the impression of wearing a belt that sculpts and highlights your best assets. Gracefully, highlight your bust and minimizing your waist, it’s the ultimate top.

Let me introduce you to the signature Lia Leggings. Welcome to your new favorite pair, you just don’t know it yet! Featuring top-quality bi-elastic polyamide yarn and patented Lycra they have been created with comfort and quality in mind. The Lia Leggings innovative activewear boasts a perfect fit, with fashion in mind. Talk about à la mode!

Now, the biggest problem is deciding which color. Nope, it’s too difficult. Get both! One to wear whilst the other one is in the wash, right?!

Your Summer Look of 2018

So, there you have your Summer Looks of 2018. With Zarely’s innovative ideas, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style anymore.

You can look and feel a million dollars, all whilst getting active. All of these designs have your well-being in mind. With no compromise on comfort, you can wear your favorite pieces and really radiate the happiness.

Of course, nobody wants to be a pool of sweat on the floor whilst working out this summer. That is why Zarely have ensured that all of our dance apparel has been rigorously tested to keep you cool and give your body room to breathe, even in the most intensive workouts.

Dancing is all about getting the right shapes and features. Our leggings help you attain those all-important leg lines. With fashionable features and flattering fits, the legs appear sculpted and lengthened. You’ll look out just as good as you feel with an instant boost of self-confidence!

Make sure you get your favorite pieces before they’re gone. This is your countdown to summer. Your summer 2018 wardrobe awaits you. Go, go, go!

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