Z2 Professional Performance Ballet Tights

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Ballet tights any dancer dreams of wearing 

Professional ballet dancers ourselves, right from the start we had a very clear vision of how the perfect pair of tights should look and feel. And we also collaborated with more than 200 dancers from the world’s leading ballet companies asking for their feedback, comments, and suggestions as we moved through development and production stages – all the way towards the final result we could all be proud of. 

The Zarely recovery system, developed in collaboration with the world’s best dancers and physiotherapists, introduces graduated compression levels that help to prevent your legs from swelling and inflaming.

Our Z2 Model is primarily designed for stage performances when both – the look and the feel – are critically important.

Now available in two colors, Pink and Stage Pink.

    1. Special light-reflecting fabric for ideal slimming effect.
    2. Additional support and protection for your ankles and knees stimulate blood flow in these areas and allow quicker recovery.
    3. Mesh-material in foot area gives your feet extra-traction while wearing pointe shoes.
    4. Comfortable waistband keeps tights nicely fixed but doesn’t over-squeeze your waist.
    5. The seam that looks amazing on the back of your legs but causes no discomfort.
    6. Convertible! The cutting on the foot converts your tights into leggings with ease and comfort. We took special care of the edge area to make sure it doesn’t run.
    1. For the Zarely Z2 Model we use fabric which perfectly reflects light. This fabric and slight compression we added to the design create a slimming effect that makes your legs look spectacular in limelight.
    1. The Zarely Performance Tights actually help enhance your stage performance on physical level. The smart recovery system implemented in Z2 Model applies graduated levels of compression to optimize blood circulation and helps preventing your legs from swelling or inflaming.

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