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Team Zarely: When did you started ballet?

Aaron Robison: I started ballet when I was 6

Team Zarely: Have you decided to be a ballet dancer by yourself or it was your parent's decision?

Aaron Robison: It was my own decision to start dancing

Team Zarely: What do you think is the hardest part being a principal dancer?

Aaron Robison: I think probably the hardest thing about being a principal dancer is you have to be and are expected to be at a consistently excellent standard, which is hard some days if for example you are suffering with an injury, or your feeling tired some days. But I think you also have to be an example with the way you carry yourself and work ethic, to be a role model especially for the younger dancers and the company.

Team Zarely: If any of young dancer would ask you for some advice. What would it be?

Aaron Robison: Absorb as much as you can. To be humble and work hard. If you have a passion for dancing, and it's your dream, you have to go for it with all your heart. You will go through good and hard times, and have lots of set backs, but it's how you get through and bounce back through the knock backs and hard times that define you. I've definitely not had the easiest road, but I always kept working and been extremely passionate because I love my profession and this art form. Also listen to your mum.

Team Zarely: What are you dreaming of? Any dream related to ballet or not.

Aaron Robison: I’m dreaming of staying healthy and dancing as long and as much as possible.

Team Zarely: It is very hard to find some free time for a hobby. But still, do you have a hobby or ballet is your only passion?

Aaron Robison: I love football, when I was younger that was my other passion. Unfortunately they do not go hand in hand, and I hurt my self too many times playing. So unfortunately I can only watch it now. I also love swimming and socializing a lot.

Pictures courtesy of Jonathan Caguioa

Pictures courtesy of Karolina Kuras