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Team Zarely: When did you started ballet?

Adiarys Almeida: I started ballet when I was 6 years old in Matanzas, Cuba.

Team Zarely: Have you decided to be a ballerina by yourself or it was your parent's decision?

Adiarys Almeida: My aunt had a friend that was a pre-ballet teacher for young children. She came to my grandparents house for dinner one evening and saw me seating on the floor on a full grand ecart position while drawing cartoons. She suggested to my family to bring meto ballet class. I didn't love it as first but with the years I felt in love with it. And it was totally my decision to decided to continue dancing and become a professional ballerina.

Team Zarely: What do you think is the hardest part in being a principal dancer?

Adiarys Almeida: You have a lot of responsibility as a Principal Dancer. Not only representing yourself as a professional but also representing the organization you are working for and also the art form. You have to be extremely discipline, always give your very best and be a good example for others since there are always lots of people looking up to you. You most be a role model!!!

Team Zarely: If any of young dancer would ask you for some advice. What would it be?

Adiarys Almeida: Live for the art form. If you really want it there is no other way. It's a extremely hard career and its short, you most give everything and explote the best of your possibilities. Never forget it is and art, the artistic part is the most important and we most deliver something special to our expectators. This has been forgotten a lot, I think, specially on the younger generation. You most nutrite yourself with other arts and things that will keep you inspired, this will make the journey more enjoyable.

Team Zarely: What are you dreaming of? Any dream related to ballet or not.

Adiarys Almeida: I don't have big dreams. I just want to be healthy enough so I can have a long career and enjoy dancing as long as I can do it good and deliver good feelings and emotions to others through my dancing. Be able to past along what I'm learning now to other generations and help them be their best. And just be happy in anything I do. I think if you do what you love and you are satisfied and content with what you do and what you have in life, that is the key for happiness and success.

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