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How to choose perfect ballet tights

We’ve asked 228 professional ballet dancers to find out what they dislike about their tights.

Here is what they say:

“My tights have baggy knees after the first rehearsal” 

“Tights always fall! Because of the way we move, they basically don't stay in place.”

Do you feel the same?

Here are 7 aspects

that we decided to improve

to create ideal rehearsal and performance tights:

Durability:tights rip & run easily

Quality:lack of quality in how tights are made, fabric thinning, see thru

Support & fit:They don't stretch, not flexible enough for dance movements

Design:Length is mostly too short, awkward seam placement

Feel:Too thick, the crotch looks like a maxi pad, too much lycra

Look:They fade, not enough vibrant style

We’ve run through numerous stages of design

and prototyping

to create tights that look & feel perfect

Finally, we launched Z2 Perform!

Professional Performance Ballet Tights

that any dancer dreams of wearing:

✔ Special light-reflecting fabric for ideal slimming effect

✔ Additional support and protection for your ankles and knees stimulate blood flow in these areas and allow quicker recovery

✔ Mesh-material in foot area gives your feet extra-traction while wearing pointe shoes

✔ Comfortable waistband keeps tights nicely fixed but doesn’t over-squeeze your waist

✔ The seam that looks amazing on the back of your legs but causes no discomfort

✔ Convertible! The cutting on the foot converts your tights into leggings with ease and comfort. We took special care of the edge area to make sure it doesn’t run.

✔ We use fabric which perfectly reflects light. This fabric and slight compression we added to the design create a slimming effect that makes your legs look spectacular in limelight.