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Team Zarely: When did you start ballet classes?

John Lam: I started when I was 4 years old.

Team Zarely: Have you decided to be a ballet dancer yourself or was it parents decision?

John Lam: My parents are refugees from Vietnam, when they arrived to the USA, they had no clue of what ballet was. I was being taking care of at a child care center that offered dance which I did to allow my parents to work longer hours to feed my brother and sister and I. I was a very energetic child and always moving, and ballet seem to give me a calmness that got my attention. I kept dancing as I would get a scholarship to dance at my recreational ballet school, and then went off to The Canada National Ballet school to finish off my training. All of this happened to me by luck, and my parents had no real feelings on if I should dance or not, as long as I was safe and happy, my parents allowed me to follow whatever it was I was following… Dance found me…

Team Zarely: What do you think is the most hardest part being a principal dancer?

John Lam: The hardest part being a principal dancer with Boston Ballet, is it continue to find inspiration. Our art form has become two fold, where there are views of artistry, and views of hardcore technique. Being a principal has given me the freedom to show and share what is important to me as an artist with the evolving dance world, and evolving work we get from choreographers. It’s a huge challenge to not take things personally when you devote your career and life in a profession that becomes very personal. I have my husband and two beautiful boys to help me balance the days that are tough and the days of celebration.

Team Zarely: What are you dreaming about? Any dream related to ballet or not?

John Lam: Recently, I am dreaming about the possibilities of choreography and still dancing professionally. My dreams are definitely related to ballet, and just dreaming about movement, and perspective.

Team Zarely: If any young dancer would ask you for some advice what would it be?

John Lam: I would say to this youngster that if you really want to dance and make this your profession, then love everything about the world of dance. The ups and downs, unknowns and fortune moments are all apart of the very colorful world of dance. To always persevere no matter how hard the situation is. Above all, the single most important advice I would say is to never let anyone take the love you have for dance.

Team Zarely: Do you have your favorite performance/role and why?

JohnLam: I think my favorite performance was when I had the opportunity to dance William Forsythe ‘vile parody of address” on the Wang theatre. That massive stage, and the choreography was a battle to take in order to intrigue the audience. I felt so free, and able to show my artist within the realm of Forsythe choreography. I will forever be apart of a very special performance for me.

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Pictures courtesy Sabi Varga, Rosalie O'Connor.