Joseph Caley

JOSEPH CALEY – principal dancer with English National Ballet

Team Zarely: Joseph, when did you start doing ballet? 
Joseph: I started doing ballet when I was 6 years old in a local ballet school in Hull. My sister danced there. When my mum saw that I was a very energetic child, always dancing when music was on, she sent me to ballet school too. And I kind of stuck.

Team Zarely: Have you decided to become a ballet dancer yourself or was it your parents’ decision? 
Joseph: As I said before, my mum thought it would be a good idea since I was proactive. My parents never forced me to dance but they were very supportive. To be honest I didn’t want to be a professional ballet dancer until I went to the Royal Ballet School. There I started to have a real appreciation for ballet.

Soak up as much information as you can – never stop learning.

Team Zarely: What do you think is the hardest part in being a principal dancer? 
Joseph: I’d say the hardest part is coping with the pressure of having to deliver on stage. All eyes are on you and there’s nowhere to hide.

Team Zarely: When young dancers ask you for advice what do you tell them? 
Joseph: Try to soak up as much information as you can. I think you never stop learning as a dancer and if you will, you will grow as a dancer and as a person.

Team Zarely: What are your biggest dreams now? Ballet-related or not. 
Joseph: I dream of traveling the world. I’ve traveled quite a bit already but there’s so much to see!


Photo courtesy to  ©Andrew Ross and ©Bill Cooper