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Team Zarely: When did you started ballet?

Moises Martin: I started ballet when I was 9 together with my three brothers

Team Zarely: Have you decided to be a ballet dancer by yourself or it was your parent's decision?

Moises Martin: Initially it was my parents decision, we were 4 boys and they wanted to keep us busy (better outside than in the house) so we started to do ballet and music at the same time, I also played the saxophone for three years and did athletics, short sprint, hurdles, pole vault.

Team Zarely: What do you think is the hardest part being a principal dancer?

Moises Martin: Maintaining the level of performance to my own expectations (I'm quite critical) and the needs of the company where I'm dancing.

Team Zarely: If any of young dancer would ask you for some advice. What would it be?

Moises Martin: Keep your mind open, don't just set to a certain idea, explore within your own craft and enrich yourself watching, listening or working with other artists.

Team Zarely: What are you dreaming of? Any dream related to ballet or not.

Moises Martin: I dream of enjoying the years dancing that I have left, to be able to keep going strong and to keep growing. Later I would like to be connected to the ballet world and work with the new generations, passing my experience and the knowledge I've build up through my years as a Professional.

Team Zarely: It is very hard to find some free time for a hobby. But still, do you have a hobby or ballet is your only passion?

Moises Martin: I've always liked photography, when I go on vacation or on tour I like to explore with my camera those new places. A few years ago I stopped dancing because of an injury, I had to learn other things and I started with GYROTONIC, I'm now an instructor, I have the machine at home and I practice.

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