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Meet Vira Kuschenko, the creative mastermind behind Zarely ballet and activewear!

“ ... My mother was passionately fond of sewing and designing, always experimented with images, and gave me an innate love of fashion. I inherited her taste and sense of style. I think I'm lucky because I always knew what I was going to become professionally.”

Vira at Serpentine Gallery Pavilion during her studies at UAL

These two completely different experiences let me blend the classic Art education with a modern client-oriented approach to fashion.

Vira with Ana Sophia Scheller at the backstage of Grace leotard shoot

It's so exciting to be able to communicate with the World's top ballet stars at first hand, find out what they think and search for when they choose their ballet wear. We’re all creative, and have lots of creative ideas!

Here at Zarely, we create all our products in close collaboration with professional ballerinas, that's why every leotard, tights, leggings, etc., has a name on it.

Designing process

I'm a big fan of the science-based approach, research, and analysis. Even more, I always try to look ahead and use modern technologies. While creating our latest Laser-Cut mini-collection, we used computer programming, which allowed us to experiment with sizes and shapes of our prototypes.