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Tips from a Ballet Star

Series of in depth videos where the best Principal Dancers from the Top Ballet companies help us improve our technique in all different aspects of dance.

Iana Salenko, Lauren Lovette, Sonia Rodríguez, Maia Makhateli and many more.

Vanessa Zahorian – Pointe Shoes and Q&A

Vanessa Zahorian, principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet, explains everything you need to know about ballet pointe shoes: choosing pointe shoes, ribbons and elastique, sewing ballet pointe shoes, using padding in pointe shoes and much more.

Maia Makhateli – Grand Allegro and Q&A

We are so thrilled that Maia Makhateli from the Dutch National Ballet was live with us on a livestream this Friday! Maia showed us her tricks and techniques to execute beautiful Grand Allegros and answers our followers' questions.

Lauren Lovette – Petit Allegro and Q&A

In a new livestream from Tips from a Ballet Star, Lauren Lovette answers the audience's questions and tells us her tricks about petit allegro.

Iana Salenko – Stretching

Iana Salenko (principal dancer at the Berlin State Opera and Guest Principal Dancer at the Royal Ballet) tells her secrets about the stretches she did when growing up to become a ballerina and still does today to be one of the most renowned Ballet Stars of the World.

Iana Salenko – Pirouettes

Iana Salenko - Principal Dancer at the Berlin State Opera and Guest Principal Dancer at the Royal Ballet, shows her tips and technique on how to do turns and pirouettes.

Iana covers the exercises to prepare ballerinas to perform beautiful pirouettes; what muscles to build; how to keep focus and not loose your spot; concentration and mindset; and the execution of a perfect pirouette.

Lauren Lovette – Building Confidence as a Dancer

Lauren Lovette - principal dancer with the New York City Ballet - shares her techniques and tips on building confidence as a dancer and what it means to do so mentally and physically. She also answers questions from her followers.

Sonia Rodriguez – Stage Acting

Sonia Rodriguez, Principal Dancer with the National Ballet of Canada will show us how she goes about Stage Acting.


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