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New Zarely Rising Star, Brigid Walker, is only 14 years old but after her brilliant performance at Youth America Grand Prix, we’d be surprised if famous ballet companies worldwide were not looking forward for Brigid to join their ranks as soon as possible.


“I started doing ballet along with tap dance and gymnastics, when I was three years old. At the age of 11 I was already the state champion on the balance beam for gymnastics, but at the same time I performed my first lead role Clara in the local Nutcracker and my passion to ballet sparked”, – Brigid recalls. “I chose to pursue ballet more intensely and my parents willingly supported my decision”.
Ballet career is more of the marathon than a sprint so it is particularly important to develop a correct mindset early on: “I think the hardest part entails giving the illusion that ballet is effortless, when it actually requires a tremendous amount of hard work, discipline, and focus, which extends to the entire lifestyle of a ballerina”.

One of Brigid’s role models is Iana Salenko. Being as petite as the famous principal of StaatsBallett Berlin, Brigid asked Iana how is she able to create such an expansive presence on stage without compromising her technique or the essence of the character she’s portraying.

And that’s what Iana Salenko answered: “The secret is to make all the gestures and movements as wide and long as body allows. I’m lucky to have naturally long arms, so that helps”.

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