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Ballet auditions are a fact of life for a dancer, it’s your time to show off your skills and talents to a panel of judges and they can be a fantastic way to showcase yourself, as long as you are well prepared and know how to prepare for ballet auditions. If not, you might find yourself losing your nerve and selling yourself short.

Whether you’re auditioning to get into a dance company, for college or a main role in the upcoming works, they can feel exhausting to prepare for and it’s not uncommon for dancers to lose sleep worrying about what to expect in the ballet audition.

Ballet audition tips are something a lot of dancers are keen to find out about, which is why we’re sharing how to prepare for ballet auditions and our top ballet auditions tips today to help you showcase yourself to the best of your ability. We’re rooting for you!

Do your research

ballet auditions what to expect

We cannot stress enough how important it is to do your research prior. You’ll want to go equipped with as much information ahead of time as you possibly can. Research the company, research the production, research the role you’re auditioning for.

This will shine through. You’ll feel more confident. You’ll know what the company is looking for, you’ll know the characteristics of the role, you’ll know the type of person they’re looking for.

If you’re auditioning for a role in a production, watch the production a couple of times and see the style that they are seeking. You will also gain a good insight into which steps you’ll be expected to perform so you can focus your rehearsing around that.

If it’s a company you’re auditioning for, research intricately into the style they practice. Are they more interested in character style or are they more interested in precision and technique, or are they looking for personality and individuality? What is it they like to see in their dancers? Knowing what they expect of their current dancers will help you prepare and feel ready for the audition.

Dress appropriately and professionally

ballet dressing up, little ballerina

One of the best ballet auditions tips we can give you is to present yourself exquisitely. It is so important to ensure you’re at the top of your game so really put time aside and plan accordingly.

For ballet auditions, you will need to ensure that your hair is tied up tightly out of your face.

Then it comes to your attire, this is your time to show yourself off so we can’t stress enough how important a show-stopping leotard and crisp, clean tights are. We recommend an Ana leotard in your favourite colour paired with our popular Z2 performance tights.

You’ll also want to keep your muscles warm whilst waiting for your turn, which is why layers are a good idea. For high fashion and soft-touch four-way stretch fabric which prevents irritation, we recommend the Anna transformable long-sleeved top which will be a great addition for throwing on to keep yourself warm on breaks.

Don’t forget to bring a few pairs of different dance shoes with you too, depending on the style. If you are dancing barefoot at any time, be aware of nail varnish which may be off-putting.

Check yourself at all times

ballet company auditions 2020-2021 what to expect

From the second you walk in, the judges start judging. If they see you hanging around, not stretching or talking with your friends, you’ve just thrown away the only chance to make the best first impression.

If you’re auditioning within your own company, we can guarantee that they’ll have already started thinking about casting for the next production during rehearsals of the current production. They’ll be looking at anything and everything from stage presence to attendance to those who are putting the most effort in.

They will be noting who is improving, who is putting the time in, who is consistent and who takes correction and direction the best. Believe it or not, they will be looking at who is polite too. Who is welcoming to other dancers? Who sees other dancers as their competition compared to those who are offering support to their peers?

Start dancing

how to prepare for ballet auditions

The sad truth is that when dancers first walk into an audition room, most will spend the first few minutes looking each other up and down and sizing one another up. If you start dancing from the moment you enter the room, you’re guaranteed to catch the judges attention.

Why does this work for ballet auditions? Once you’ve caught their eye once, they’ll take time to continue to look for you throughout the audition. You’re there to audition. You’re there to dance. So dance!

A day out to the ballet isn’t cheap, tickets can be prestige so your performance needs to be worth that, and more. You need to give it all you have at that audition so the judges can see that the audience will believe their money to be well spent. Show your lines, dance with every ounce of your being and enjoy it.

Our Z tights are made with special fabric which perfectly reflects light and creates an amazing slimming effect, whilst the combination of colours and patterns enhances a look of hyperextended leg lines so the judges will be in awe of your extended leg lines.

Eat well

what to eat before ballet auditions tips.jpg

No ballet auditions tips are complete without the recommendation to eat well. The last thing you’ll want to do on an important day is to dance on an empty stomach, no matter how nervous you feel.

Saying that you also don’t want to be eating just before the audition otherwise you’ll end up feeling sick or queasy.

Our top tip is to eat something light around an hour before the audition.

We know you’ve heard it so many times before - don’t skip breakfast! You want to get the most nutrition out of this meal as your nerves will worsen as the time comes. Greek yoghurt with oatmeal and berries is a great breakfast to have. It’ll provide you with slow and steady fuel to keep you going at maximum performance.

This doesn’t just go for audition day either. In the few weeks leading up to your audition, you’ll need to adhere to a healthy eating regime. Ensure you’re getting three meals a day packed with balanced fats, proteins and carbohydrates at every meal. Steer clear of alcohol, excess fats and excess sugar. As always, stay hydrated.

Be prepared for everything

ballet audition preparations

You’ve perfected your steps, you’ve sorted your hair and you’re ready. Well, that’s all well and good until the unexpected happens. In ballet auditions, what to expect? Well, who knows at times! Which is why you have to expect the unexpected.

You might be rocking up to your audition with a suitcase full of treasures that you hopefully won’t need to use, but trust us, it’s better to be that dancer handing out the extra hair grips and hairspray than the one begging the prepared one in the corner for hers.

It’s not unusual to forget something whilst you’re so busy cramming your mind with dance moves and techniques, it’s not uncommon for an accident to happen. Dare we say it, even an accident snag in your tights. Accidents do happen and it’s best to be prepared for it.

We recommend preparing an emergency kit packed with nail clippers, an extra leotard, band-aids, toe-pads, scissors, pain relievers, sanitary towels and an extra pair of tights and shoes. Pack it well in advance so you’re properly prepared on the day and not having to worry about it then.

Don’t forget your manners

ballet audition etiquette

In a ballet audition, you’d be surprised at how many dancers are so caught up in getting out once it’s over that they forget to take the time to personally thank the judges.

This last little finishing touch will show that you’ve been taught in a good, professional school and will also give the judges the inclination to look at your file one more time.

Enjoy yourself

ballet audition advice

It’s easy to say enjoy yourself when you’re not the one about to be judged for something that means so much, but there is nothing more uplifting for a judge to see the dancer being judged enjoying themselves. The love of dance shines through. If you love what you’re doing, it will show on your face and your dancing will be better for it.

Try converting the fear into empowerment, uplifting, exhilarating and see how that affects your performance. Instead of viewing an audition as something excruciating to ensure, consider the benefits and the future joy it can bring. Redirect your negative thoughts and focus on what you want out of the audition.

No matter what happens, an audition is a chance to improve your skills and a chance to move forward with your dancing. Focus on your future and your love of dancing and it will shine through.

Best of luck from all of us at Zarely!

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