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The Modern Ballerina

It seems that people are so excited about ballet outfits and the ballerina trend and we must say we’re here to welcome it with open arms. Why people are so excited about ballet outfits might be a mystery among some of us, but here at Zarely, we think we might have it sussed out. After all, why wouldn’t women and men want to replicate the oozing gracefulness, the sheer beauty and elegance that dancers possess? Today, we’re looking closer into the ballerina trend and why we should be embracing it.

Why wouldn’t people want to dress like dancers? It seems everybody is welcoming the ballerina trend and it’s no surprise why people are so excited about ballet outfits, after all, Carrie Bradshaw loved it and the power houses like Dior and Gucci welcome the street style so why wouldn’t we be welcoming it with open arms? As dancers, we can think of nothing better than rocking that ballet look on the street, or can we?

The modern ballerina trend really has been hitting the streets and starting to take over our Instagram feeds more and more, why wouldn’t they want to imitate the poise and grace that ballet dancers ooze, if there’s a style icon that people want to imitate and rock it’s for sure the ballerina trend. The growth of the ballerina trend is one that makes sense, ballerinas carry themselves with such grace and perfect that it’s no surprise that people want to imitate and carry themselves in the same way.

When you think about it, wearing a tutu as street wear is something that a lot of would have dreamed about as a young girl. Maybe, somewhere deep down instilled in us that little girl who loves to play dress up in floaty tutus and sparkly outfits is bursting wanting to get out and having a trend like the ballerina one come to life is something to be ecstatic about. It gives us an opportunity to bring those childhood dreams to life. Whatever the reason behind the explosion of the ballerina street style, it seems that people are excited to mediate towards the ballerina-inspired outfits and ballet inspired workout clothes. From lace-up flat shoes to full on tutus, ballerina street style is taking over.

What if I am not a dancer?

Whilst we welcome the chance to dress up as a ballerina as much as possible, it does make us wonder about the dancers out there. Do they resent the non-dancers for embracing the style? Does it make them feel inspired and awed or does it just create a problematic impression that dancers are only here for the pretty outfits? You might love the outfits, but should you be sharing them? We’re here to tell you why you should be as excited about the ballerina trend as non-dancers are.

For some ballerinas, the idea of wearing the ballerina trend without being a trained dancer is one that is atrocious. However, fortunately, the overall consensus is that a lot of dancers appreciate the ballerina dance trend and see it as a flattering compliment, which it totally should be. Of course, there are always going to be those who criticise and find offense, but it’s important to embrace yourself. If you love the ballet trend, then why shouldn’t you wear it? Why shouldn’t you be able to embrace that inner dancer in you, even if she never did make it to the centre stage? 

It’s a huge compliment to dancers worldwide that non-dancers want to channel their inner dancer and wear the ballerina trend. In the modern world we’re moving closer and closer to progression and allowing people to feel comfortable in their own skin. We’re working slowly towards a world where women and men can dress and be who they want to be without judgement from others. As a community, we should be welcoming and encouraging non-dancers to rock the ballerina trend and allowing dancers to wear the dancer trend without feeling that they’re doing it an injustice or being a metaphor. Be who you want to be in the world. Dress how you want to in this world. You set the limits.

Knowing that people are so excited about ballet outfits makes us so excited about ballet outfits. Naturally, it makes us happy to see dancers and non-dancers accentuating their assets and feeling their best and what better way to do that than with dancers’ outfits? Outfits that were made for accentuating assets?

Increasingly, more and more people across the USA are opting to wear ballet wear, not just for its style and grace, but for its comfort. Ballet inspired workout clothes are perfect for looking bang on trend, whilst feeling comfortable and ready to take on whatever the day throws at us, whether that’s a day at the gym, a hike around the mountains or a quick dash around the grocery store. It’s no surprise that dance athleisure wear was made with comfort as its forefront, but with the flair and grace of ballet, it’s a match made in heaven. More and more bloggers, ballet dancers, influencers and role models in the USA are also ditching their uncomfortable high street heels and swapping them out for comfortable sneakers. Trainers, sneakers and sport shoes are so much comfier to wear than standard high street shoes, so the health benefits of ditching those restraining shoes and swapping them out for trainers is a great idea and one we are really excited about.

Ballerina Street Style

Another aspect that excites us about the fact that people are so excited about ballet outfits is that it shows that ballet is still paving that way in everyday society. Ballerina street style is one that is taking the world by storm and it plays a good role in giving everybody that subtle reminder that ballet exists and it’s still massively relevant. Some may argue that ballet is outdated and belongs in the classical era, which if you’re anything like us will completely regress against this idea. It’s exciting to know that ballet continues to inspire people and has now broken into the fashion industry. Ballet is a wonderful art form that has so much to offer in terms of art, grace, dedication and core strength. Seeing ballet on the street gives us hope that ballet will break into everyday society in more than just fashion. The more non-dancers see ballet on the street and in their everyday life, the more likely they are to head to the next ballet production or sign themselves or their children up for dance classes. We should be encouraging the ballerina trend as much as we can.

Ballerina trend - Why people are so excited about ballet outfits

If wearing ballet clothes makes women and men alike feel elegant and graceful then that’s something we should be embracing. We get it. How does it make you feel before stepping on that stage when the lights are burning brightly, and the anticipation is building? You look down at your tutu and your ballet shoes and you feel a million dollars. This is your moment. You feel like all eyes are on you. How we feel in our clothes completely changes how we carry ourselves. Ballet outfits create a mood, they build an atmosphere, they evoke a feeling. We are so excited about the ballerina trend knowing that we can share this feeling of body positivity and grace.

We recommend trying out ballet inspired workout clothes to reach maximum comfort whilst looking bang on trend by heading to our website. If you’re looking for dancer tights, leotards, leggings or athleisure tops to style on the street then take a look at some of our flattering designs that combine high-fashion with comfort. Try out some of our beautiful contouring dance outfits to attain that instant feel-good feeling when your assets are accentuated. You look great. You feel great.

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