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As the COVID-19 outbreak has escalated across Europe, the US and Asia over the past month, it has taken a toll on dancers and the arts. The daily routine of heading into the studio and working as a class, with productions to look forward to has been temporarily halted. Of course, along with the rest of the world, coronavirus has caused everything to come to a standstill. A fast-paced world has felt the force of the pandemic and it has led to a new era that none of us could have predicted.

Zarely will be donating 10% of every sale to help major US ballet companies in these unprecedented times.

Starting with numerous tour cancellations and postponements, COVID-19 and its rapidly changing nature of this public health crisis has led to many ballet companies closing their doors, turning the lights off and postponing rehearsals for the foreseeable future.

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For anybody, the coronavirus outbreak has been scary. No matter who you are, it is going to affect you in one way or another. Whether that is suddenly in lockdown, like many countries, losing social connection by working from home or knowing somebody who is affected by the pandemic. For dancers, who work in close proximity of one another, there is another problem. Dancers can’t exactly work from home.

After all, dance is an art form. It functions by bringing people together. Selling out large venues. Putting on shows, working together in perfect unison. Working from home isn’t exactly possible.

If you’ve booked a ticket to see a performance that has been postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we urge you to book tickets to see the shows once they’ve started up again, or consider making a donation to the company instead.

As the world navigates its way through never known before times in this global emergency, dancers and their companies, just like we do, grieve the loss of their daily routine, their beloved rehearsals. It is during these difficult times that we need to share our humanity and care for one another. Look out for one another. Offer a helping hand, and in these times, the ballet community and the arts need our aid.

As the laws in many countries changed prohibiting gatherings of more than 500 people, then 100 people, then 50 people, then 2 people, the situation changed rapidly for the arts. Internationally, the arts was one of the first industries to be held. After all, where else would you gather with more than 499 other people? The spread of coronavirus has spread shockwaves through the arts industry and our own lives, but together, we can work to keep the stage light on, once this has all passed. After all, the arts has withstood many hardships in its time, and it will survive this one. With our help.

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You might not be aware, but many companies, like Washington Ballet, NYC Ballet to name a few, have an option to donate directly to their cause. You have the option to make a one-time donation, a quarterly donation or a monthly donation. Funding the arts at this time is crucial as it ensures that the companies can continue to perform a repertory of works that keeps the arts alive and well. It ensures that the company is able to continue providing excellence and to launch new works. Especially crucial in these difficult times.

You might not know this, but many companies will also honor you for your donation. For example, The Washington Ballet will honor you through prominent acknowledgement in publications such as its annual report, on recognition plaques, and during a special Director Circle event, unless you opt to remain anonymous. The Joffrey Ballet have an array of benefits of becoming a donor, such as as a donor of $500, you receive complimentary admission to Joffrey technical rehearsals at the Auditorium Theatre or as a donor of $1,000, you receive an invitation to special behind-the-scenes evening with artistic and production staff. There are many benefits to donating to the arts and many rewards to be had. With the San Francisco Ballet you can choose where you want your donation to go to, whether that’s schools and scholarships or new productions, you have the power to give the funding where you want it to go.

It’s not just making donations directly that can help though. If you’re a dancer, or you’re starting home workouts and want some fresh new gear to wear, over at our site, Zarely is donating 10% of every sale to bigger dance companies as donations. By shopping with Zarely, picking up a new pair of ballet tights, purchasing athleisure wear, investing in a new leotard or trying out our new chiffon skirts, you’ll be helping to fund ballet companies across the US that require our help. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to some new kit, or treat a dancer in your life who might be feeling subdued through the whole pandemic and help the wider arts community at the same time.

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Talking about helping other dancers, we wanted to touch on the wonderful new way that many dancers are helping others to maintain their routine by the explosive increase in the need for home workouts.

During this unprecedented time, the use of online workouts is needed more than ever. To keep ourselves at top form, we need to be keeping up some sort of routine. Some sort of exercise programme. Workouts that keep our body working at its prime. The routine has been changed up drastically, but with online workouts from top ballerinas, it is one way to keep our health and fitness up.

This is why Zarely have launched our Home Workouts on Instagram. Every day, at 10:00 PDT, 13:00 DC time and 18:00 CET, we are broadcasting a live workout held by inspiring, professional ballerinas and dancers from around the world. We have already hosted live streams by Co-Founder Ruben Martin, Guest Principal Dancer Katherine Barkman and Ex-Principal and Freelance Teacher Carolina Aguero. We’ve also got some other amazing names coming forward to host live streams to keep dancers feeling fit and healthy and to keep up a workout schedule that they can trust.

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If you miss the workouts, you can always catch up with them here or if you wanted to do them again, you know where to find them!

Dancers still need daily class. Which is why we hope with the Instagram live classes, this will provide inspiring and fulfilling classes that can be done at home. No barre? Just grab a chair or a bannister. Set up a space in your bedroom or your living room and follow along with our stimulating and motivating classes.

The world has made some drastic alterations and the way dancers are coping is nothing short of heartwarming. Social isolating now means dancers are adapting to class through a computer or mobile device waiting for direction for the next exercise, all through the power of technology. Hosting these classes with professionals means that dancers can check in with the body and get prepared. Dancing as part of a community, even if we can’t all be together right now.

There’s a saying in theatre which goes like this: “whenever the theatre is empty, we leave on one light. Just one. Typically, on a stand in the centre of the stage. This light is known as the ghost light. There are many origins to its tradition, but its meaning is unmistaken. It means that although the stage is empty, we will return. Many of us are moving through unprecedented times and learning to adapt in a world we could have never prepared for. Many of us have taken big hits during the Coronavirus pandemic. Financial and emotional strains have come crashing down and the entire arts industry is reduced to nothing but a ghost light right now. But these ghost lights are temporary place holders. They are a sign. We might not be on that stage right now, but we will return. It won’t be long until we’re unplugging those ghost lights and taking center stage once again. Until then, the ghost light is on to let the world know that the arts will be back.”

Until then, consider donating to the arts, be safe and stay at home.

Remember: Zarely is donating 10% of every sale to major US ballet companies and we’re hosting Instagram Live classes for you every day.

With love,

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