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Ballet dancers are oftentimes compared to professional athletes as modern and classical choreographies are extremely demanding both artistically and physically.

Lisa Giannone, one of the US most reputable physical therapists and athletic trainers and the founder of Active Care, in her extensive interview for Zarely Blog was stressing the importance of stamina training for ballet dancers to prevent injuries and elevate performance. But since the devil is always in details we asked Zarely Role Models to share their fitness routines which they find particularly effective. These turned out to be very basic exercises. But done regularly they do their magic – help you building stronger legs, core and arms muscles. So let’s get to it!

Legs and Back Warm Up

Start your every workout with proper warm up and stretching. Marian Walter, principal dancer of Staatsballett Berlin, has developed the perfect set to get your lower body in right condition. “Let’s start no too crazy”, – he suggests.


Lower Abs

What can be more effective than the set of good old “scissors”? Dores André and other dancers from San Francisco, get the most out of this exercise by putting the roller under the backs. That is how you get your back muscles warm and well-stretched. 

Abs and Triceps

Keep your legs high in the air and repeat this powerful exercise after Iana Salenko. Keep it graceful, too!


More Abs!

For more intensive abs work out, follow Davit Karapetyan’s instructions.


Core and Arms

Artur Shesterikov, principal of Dutch National, wastes no time and works on both – the muscles and the balance!

Back and Biceps

Another combo exercise that helps strengthening biceps and building flexibility at the same time? Just repeat Marian Walter’s upside down pushups.



Do you still have energy for some cardio? We bet it’s going to look like this.


*Extra trick

Got tired but still don’t have that high and hovering ballet jumps? Don’t worry, and follow the special routine by Denis Cherevychko!

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