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What makes a dance studio successful?
Why do people choose to go there?

We asked those questions and more to many different dance schools. You may be surprised by the answers we found and how ‘trends’ are a big part of formula for success.

A. Do Not be Dogmatic

You are a ballet school? One big trend impacting the dance community turned out to be TikTok. Since those dance styles are big on TikTok: Include classes in Hip-Hop and Contemporary. Some studios even offer Tik-Tok-Dance classes. We saw stronger growth in studios that created a curriculum incorporating those trends than those studios that did not.

B. Competition Makes Better Dancers-Creates more Sales!

Studios that seemed to be the most promising financially were those that were involved with competitions. Performance competitions and competition team programs are a great catalyst for developing growth and personal improvement. Kids involved in competitions take a lot more classes and spend additionally on related items like dancewear, costumes, and coaching.

C. Digital Marketing – A Must in Today’s World

We found that Google advertising is more successful than Facebook advertising in metropolitan areas. People know if they want to dance or not. The issue for the potential customer becomes how to find WHERE they want to go. And that is where Google ads come in.

D. Find your Niche

There appears to be a lot of infighting between dance studios in many metropolitan areas. Here are some ideas that may help you find your niche:

1. How can your studio be different? Find out exactly what other studios are offering and how you can offer an alternative. Find your niche. Specialize and be the best in what you offer.

2. Talk to other studio owners to find out if there is a win-win possibility. Here are some options: one studio can focus on recreational dance and another does only pre-professional level classes. There are so many different dance forms…. maybe one studio offers only ballet…another only modern and contemporary classes. Together you can decide where to strengthen which focus and where to cut back on others.

3. Set up a referral program that benefits each other. Each school earns cash on referring clients that would be a better fit at another school in the area.

Feel free to contact me anytime to explore these ideas further.

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ZARÉLY is here for you. And so am I.

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