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Part of becoming legendary is drawing inspiration from those who’ve walked the path before us. The road toward any goal is beset with challenges and it’s easy for discouragement to steer us offtrack. The stories of those who’ve succeeded in the arenas in which we long to do the same remind us that setbacks are just plot twists, never the end of the story.

One such inspirational story comes from Zarely Role Model, Denys Cherevychko. Denys is a principal dancer atWiener Staats ballett in Vienna, Austria and is known for the beautiful, articulate feet that enhance his technical precision. He’s danced with legendary prima ballerina Alessandra Ferri and in a host of iconic ballets like Le Corsaire, Raymonda, and La Sylphide. In 2012, he took the gold at the International Ballet Competition in Varna.

Denys didn’t always know he wanted to dance ballet. He was taking folk dancing classes with his sister in Ukraine when his teacher insisted he take up ballet. He auditioned for the prestigious Pisarev Ballet School at age six—a year before he was old enough to attend. Though the school recognized his potential, they couldn’t accept a dancer so young and turned him away.

But Denys wouldn’t go.

Instead, he waited in the studio—tears streaming—until they changed their minds. “That was my first victory,” he said. “It taught me at a very early age that you have to work hard and fight for that 1% of luck.”

The fight would continue. Amidst his training, Denys’s family fell on economic hardship that jeopardized his future in the art form. Seeing how he’d supplemented his potential with an unshakable work ethic, the director of the school offered him a full scholarship to continue his studies. When he graduated from Pisarev Ballet School, Denys won the gold medal at the Kiev Dance Competition and a scholarship to the Academy of Ballet in Munich. His training in Munich led to a professional contract with Wiener Staats ballett, where he rose through the ranks with the same swift grace that marks his dancing.

Denys embodies the legend’s mindset. His feet and regal stature tell you he’s made to dance, but Denys treated his potential as a starting point, not an entitlement. He experienced first hand the necessity of community in achieving his goals and has attributed much of his success to the kindness of others. He has allowed himself to inspire and be inspired: “For me, legends were always Mihail Baryshnikov and Rudolph Nureyev. There was a festival every year with the top ballet dancers in the world—huge examples were dancers that were coming to my city to dance.”

It’s no secret that Denys has inspired us here at Zarely. The Denys Neoprene Style Jacket and Neoprene Style Pants bear both his name and athletic elegance. Made in chic dark navy, the Denys Jacket features a sleek, slim fit and asymmetrical overlay, stylish both inside and outside the studio. The Denys Pants are fashionable and functional with rubber cuffs to keep the cool out and the heat in. Both pieces of the Denys Set were designed with versatility in mind, constructed from high-quality Italian wind control fabrics that offer the comfort and breathability essential for warming up as well as wind protection during more intense workouts in blustery seasons and climates.

Denys shares our passion for quality active wear that is as highly functional as it is stylish. The Denys Set works as hard as its namesake to support your journey toward becoming legendary. Shop the Denys Set right here on Zarely and visit www.denyscherevychko.com/ to learn more about the illustrious Wiener Staats ballett principal.

Photo by Enrico Della Valle


INSPIRED BY Denys Cherevychko