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We are glad to welcome Chandler Dalton the first guy in the constellation of Zarely Rising Stars. He is currently an apprentice with the Houston Ballet and has got an outstanding sense of balance and talent to endless turns.

Chandler’s way in ballet began, when he was at the fourth grade of public school in Virginia.

I started dancing when I was 10 years old through a public school program. And the next year I decided to try myself in ballet”, – explains Chandler. “ It was my own choice”.

His promising talent was noticed at the Houston Ballet and now the young dancer makes his very first steps as a professional. Watching his performances and rehearsal videos, you would never say classical choreography could be of any challenge at all for this slender elf-looking guy. But that is where true magic about ballet hides. Dalton confirms: “ The most difficult thing about dancing is to keep things new and make them look effortless. It’s hard enough to perfect your technique day after day. But it is even more difficult to create new interpretations to the well-known roles”.


Chandler is closely following the career of Marian Walter, the principal dancer of Staatsballett Berlin and Zarely Role Model. And he wondered how Marian keeps his love and passion for ballet alive during all these years?

That’s what Marian Walter answered: “ The motivation comes from the unstoppable desire to get into your best ever possible shape. So always do your best and then enjoy the stage as much as you can”.

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