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Meet Famous Zarely Z2 Performance Tights in Stage Pink!

We are proud to start the year by introducing your favorite Z2 tights in the colour everybody was waiting for – Stage Pink! Choosing the perfect hue of pink for your priceless moments on stage is an honourable challenge Team Zarely had accepted! And we collaborated with iconic prima ballerinas – Zarely Role Models – to make sure the colour of Z2 Professional Performance Tights meets the requirements of the world’s best ballet companies.

The most exciting thing about Z2 is that they tone the performer’s skin ideally. We use fabrics with unique light-reflecting properties to give the profound definition to ballerina’s legs. Mild compression support of Z2 Performance Ballet Tights ensures proper blood circulation and, of course, helps creating a sharper legline. Wearing Z2 tights is a truly remarkable experience as they provide additional support for your ankles and knees.

Zarely Z2 tights are convertible: special cuts on feet bottoms transform the tights into leggings so you can wear them the way you like it. The mesh material in foot area gives extra traction to your feet while you are in pointe. Zarely Z2 Professional Performance Tights are an engineering masterpiece created for ballerinas with every smallest detail carefully designed and thought through. After all, true art is about making a difference and not about making excuses.


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