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At Zarely, we deconstruct the mindsets and practices of legendary dancers to aid in your pursuit of excellence. This year alone, we’ve spoken to dancers like Denys Cherevychko, Vanessa Zahorian, Melissa Hamilton and almost 50 other world's most famous principals during our 2nd Annual Zarely Global Gala to learn their secrets to thriving in such a competitive art form.

But not even the most iconic of dancers is immune to the passage of time. These dancers will eventually retire from the stage to blaze new trails, leaving behind very large shoes to fill. Luckily for ballet, there’s a crop of young, ambitious dancers training to fill those voids. 

These are the Zarely Rising Stars.

Today we are again meeting with Taylor Ciampi, apprentice with National Ballet of Canada, Jessica Xuan, coryphée with Dutch National Ballet, and Bianca Teixeira, trainee with Bayerisches Staatsballet ll. We often focus on the principal dancers who’ve achieved their goals, but these are dancers just stepping onto the professional stage, building their own arsenals of tips and tricks. 

Love of the Craft

Being on the very starting line of one's career is taxing for a dancer, but when you love what you do, hard work is a pleasure. “I love adagio and pirouettes,” says Taylor. “I prefer to move slower and take my time with each step. I’m naturally flexible and love the challenge of controlling my placement.” Jessica enjoys challenging herself with turns, “At the beginning of class, I really have to try to find my centre and be on my leg. It’s almost like a game for me, because I never know what's going to happen with my turns.” She’s also taken with the simplistic beauty of the basics, “I love arabesques. We put so much work into perfecting and sculpting them, but every dancer’s is unique. I find them so beautiful.” We put this same work into the Zarely Z1 Rehearsal Tights. Made with soft, light-reflecting fabric, Z1 Rehearsal Tights create the illusion of slimmer legs while highlighting muscle definition to make those arabesque lines really pop.

Well-rounded Training

Even with their rigorous schedules, Taylor, Jessica, and Bianca make time to supplement their dancing with other forms of training. Low-impact exercises like yoga and pilates are among their favorites, along with jogging, cycling, and gyrotonic. Most often, the dancers guide their own workouts and they’ve given us a sneak peak into their routines.  

So get ready for some ab work in Bianca Teixeira’s daily routine, along with foot exercises, some light stretching and her amazing sense of humor! 

To stay in shape and keep up her stamina, Taylor Ciampi likes a full-body workout employing cardio and bodyweight training.


Jessica Xuan starts her workout with a leisurely stretching routine aided by a foam roller.

When she’s nice and warm, it’s time to hop on a Bosu ball to work her balance, ankle strength, and core strength.

Work Hard, Rest Hard

Our Rising Stars know the value of hard work—they dance all day, everyday while staying active in their free time—but they aren’t about to let rest go by the wayside. This is where the Zarely Z3 Recovery Tights come in handy. From graduated compression that enhances blood flow to ergonomic foot design that comforts sore feet, Z3 Recovery Tights are an essential piece of the post-workout puzzle along with sleep, ice, heat, and the company of friends. “Ilove to take a hot bath after a long day of work to put my thoughts in place,” says Bianca. “I also like to have a nice dinner with friends.” Taylor emphasizes making sleep a priority, “When you dance eight hours a day, it’s important to get enough rest.”


What happens before a performance is every bit as important as what happens after. Enlisting the help of barre and chocolate, the rising stars cite preparation as the key to a good mindset. “I find trying things out on stage makes me feel less nervous and helps warm me up,” says Jessica. “I don't like dancing when I feel frazzled, or anxious. I also love eating chocolate before a show—it just makes me happy.” Bianca steers clear of anything out of the ordinary, “I try not to do any special ritual. It makes performances feel like a normal rehearsal, the only difference is that there are people watching. When I think of it that way, I don't get nervous.”

The Zarely Rising Stars are as kind and hardworking as our Zarely Role Models, and every bit as well-dressed. Zarely Rehearsal, Performance, and Recovery tights are the perfect fit for every dancer, whether at the beginning of the journey or the end. Shop our ballet tights collection and be sure to keep your eye on these rising stars of the world ballet.

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